HIV Care

HIV Care

A positive HIV diagnosis means that you can still live a long, healthy life with proper treatment!

The earlier a person is diagnosed the better! Don’t wait to be tested for HIV.

People who are HIV positive should closely follow a treatment regiment (antiretroviral medications) and should regularly check in with a doctor.

The currently available medications to treat HIV are safe and effective. They help keep people healthy and also help prevent a person with HIV from spreading HIV to others.

Source: Cohen et al., NEJM 2012

If you are HIV positive and are seeking treatment, please call The Miriam Hospital Immunology Center at 401-793-2928. All calls are confidential. The clinic is located at 180 Corliss Street in Providence, Rhode Island

For more information, please visit The Miriam Hospital HIV/STD Clinic Website


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Rhode Island HIV/AIDS Hotline: 1-800-726-3010