Julio E. Berroa

Julio E. Berroa (BER ROH-uh) was born in Salcedo (s-aa-l-s-EH-d-oh), Dominican Republic, and a Providence resident since 2012. Berroa earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Media Curriculum and a minor in Photography. His passions include the Arts, Sex and HIV Education, and Youth Advocacy. All of this drives him to share his experiences through Art to help advocate for young aspiring artists of color. He hopes to inspire and influence his viewers. Known for his multi-faceted approach to the field of art and design which weaves both the analog and digital, artist Julio E. Berroa is often creating hyperreal and immersive scenes of intense experiences using vivid colors and organic shapes and textures depicting very intimate moments. Berroa was an Andrew W. Mellon intern in Creative Production at the RISD Museum in summer 2020 and 2021 Rhode Island College Senior Art Award Recipient.