Brown University School of Public Health Long Covid Initiative

The Long Covid initiative brings together researchers, clinicians, and experts in policy as well as strategic communications, to rapidly study and communicate the impact of Long Covid on people, communities, workplaces, healthcare, and society as a whole.


The Long Covid initiative will:

  • Synthesize and share emerging evidence on the clinical and epidemiologic aspects of Long Covid.
  • Synthesize and share emerging evidence on the social and economic impact of Long Covid.
  • Develop expert consensus on what is known, and where better evidence is most urgently needed.
  • Generate knowledge to fill evidence gaps, with a focus on the social and economic impact of Long Covid.
  • Apply an equity lens to all aspects of the work. Given the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on communities of color, Long Covid, too, might affect Black and brown Americans more than whites. The project will specifically call out where data and information on any minorities are missing, and collaborate to generate and synthesize such evidence on how Long Covid affects all populations.
  • Evaluate emerging policies and develop policy recommendations for health system leaders, employers, and federal, state, and local health policymakers, and others.
  • Provide employers with tools to appropriately work with impacted employees.
  • Develop a web and social media platform to share knowledge, news, and the latest evidence, and to engage experts, practitioners, policymakers, media representatives, and the general public in conversations and learning about Long Covid.


Not applicable (not enrolling for primary data collection at this time)