Our Projects

We have a variety of ongoing projects


The purpose of the RESULTS program is to reduce stimulant use, build positive affect regulation skills, and improve viral suppression for individuals living with HIV who do not properly manage their HIV care due to their stimulant use.


A year-long study looking to better understand the experiences of people who are newly diagnosed with HIV and the improvement of their care.

Project BREAK

A program which provides free counseling to gay and bisexual men who want to cut down on substance use.

PrEP for HIV Prevention

This grant seeks to understand reasons why people may stop using PrEP and how to potentially support people who are using PrEP.

Treating High Risk Substance Use

Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) who use substances and/or participate in high-risk sexual behaviors will be provided with Screening, Brief Intervention over the phone, and Referral to Treatment.

Testing 123

Getting tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV is important for sexually active people and their partners. TESTING 1-2-3 puts you in control of your health.

Lets Talk About PrEP

A PrEP study that seeks to find out the ways of PrEP usage among Men who have sex with Men (MSM).

the talk study

The Talk Study is a research study whose goal is to help young people and their parents talk about sexual health in a safe, supportive, and healthy way.


Qualitative interview and survey study to understand more about how to promote pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use among Latino sexual minority men in New England.