The purpose of the RESULTS program is to reduce stimulant use, build positive affect regulation skills, and improve viral suppression for individuals living with HIV who do not properly manage their HIV care due to their stimulant use.  

Who is eligible? – HIV positive individuals 18 years of age or older who wish to reduce or eliminate their use of stimulants.  Participants must not be fully engaged in HIV care and/or not be virally suppressed as determined by a preliminary screening. 

What is involved? – Individuals who qualify will engage in a 12 week program and undergo three drug screening urine tests a week for the duration of their involvement.  Individuals will also engage in five counseling sessions to increase mindfulness, self-compassion, and positive reappraisal to help eliminate stimulant use and be more engaged with their HIV care. 

Will individuals be compensated? – Yes! Participants will receive a $10 CVS gift card for their intake session and their first drug screening.  Participants will also receive payment for every non-reactive screening for the next 12 weeks as well as $10 for each counseling session, for a potential total of $358. 

Who do I contact with questions? Interested parties can contact the RESULTS line at 401-793-8200 or email at