PrEP for HIV Prevention

A long-term survey study. 40-min to 1-hour survey over the phone and will receive $50. Follow-up surveys are sent via e-mail or text message every 3 months for a total of 12 times, participants receive $25 for each completed follow-up survey.


A “care continuum” or “continuum of care” is a phrase used to define the multiple health services that patient’s utilized through care. This includes preventative care, medical incidents, rehabilitation, and more.

This study aims to characterize the PrEP care continuum by tracking patients eligible for PrEP as they interact with health services. By identifying factors that impact adherence and retention to this medication, medical care, and health outcomes may be improved! For this study, special focus is given to African American and Hispanic/Latinx populations who are more at-risk for poor health outcomes.


Assigned male at birth
age 18 years or older
report sex with another male in the last 90 days
received a prescription for PrEP from a provider at one of the study sites
Speak English or Spanish or another language with an interpreter available.