the talk study

The Talk Study is a research study whose goal is to help young people and their parents talk about sexual health in a safe, supportive, and healthy way.


The goal of this study is to find out more about how young people and their parents talk about sexual health, and why they sometimes avoid talking about it. We want to help parents and youth talk about sexual health. Including how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.
While also respecting a young person’s right to privacy. We also want to help youth take control of their own health by learning about different ways to protect their health. If you are A) a young person assigned male at birth and are between age 14 and 17, or B) the parent of a person ages 14 to 30 who was assigned male at birth, you can participate if you are eligible. You do not need your parents’ permission to be in the study, and we will not share any information with your parents (unless you are hurting your self or someone is hurting you, in which case we are required to tell the appropriate people to keep you safe). If you agree to join this study, you will have a conversation with a trained research staff person. The conversation is called an interview, and it will be private, meaning no one else will be present. It will last 60-90 minutes. The interview will be over video, but if you prefer to be interviewed in-person, you will have that option as well. The interview will be audio recorded, but not video recorded. You will receive a gift card at the end of the interview.


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